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Monday, July 20, 2015

Rx Home Delivery and Reminder Service Now Available

There is a new Rx fulfillment  "service" that could be helpful for those who need assistance in remembering which medications to take, and when.  The company is called Pill Pack, and they say they are compatible w/ most Medicare Part D plans, as well as other insurance plans (except Humana, Optum, VA and Medicaid plans). They state in most cases, there are no additional fees, although it would be a good idea to check with them on the fees and plan compatibility before actually signing up with them, but we do think the service could be very helpful for those that need it.  For anyone who maintains an extremely busy lifestyle, or for those caregivers who could use a little extra relief, each "pill pack" is broken out not only by the days of the week, but the time they should be taken.  Pill Pack also offers an app to help as a reminder.  To learn more about Pill Pack and their services, please CLICK HERE.

Abilify $5 Copay and Changes

In April of this year, the generic for Abilify (Aripiprazole) became available to purchase in the U.S.  Abilify is generally taken for depression and other mental health issues.  Abilify is a fairly expensive medication in the brand name form, so it is important to know that a lesser expensive generic option is now available.  Anyone interested in changing from the brand name to generic should consult with their physician.  If a generic is not deemed suitable by your physician, Abilify is offering a program to get the brand name version for as little as a $5 copay.  For more information on the Abilify program, please click the link below.